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About Dash Auction

Dash Auction is owned and operated by Hazim Hindash, who has over 20 years of expertise in the automotive industry. With a passion for cars and a deep understanding of the market, we are transforming the way people in Canada sell their vehicles.

Leveraging our direct access to all Canada auctions, we ensure that our clients receive the best market value for their cars. Our approach eliminates the common pitfalls of lowball dealership trade offers, or risky private sales.

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Why Sell Your Car With Us!

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Top Market Value

We list your car at a fair price.

No More Dealership Lowballing

We don't profit from lowballing you.

Your Car Stays with You Throughout

We do not take your car at any point in the process

Selling Your Car Made Simple

How It Works

We carefully assess your car, considering all factors for an accurate valuation that truly reflects its worth. Trust us to provide an informed appraisal that ensures your confidence in the process.


Assess car's condition, mileage, maintenance, and history for a fair value.


Provide a market estimate based on experience and industry knowledge.


List your car in the auction or walk away. We handle all listing details.


Sell within our range, and the deal is done. We manage the auction.

Customers Testimonials

John Lafontaine Businessman

Man, I was just about to get ripped off by a dealership when a buddy told me about Dash Auction. Best decision ever! Got a little over what I expected for my car, and the process was a breeze. These guys know their stuff with those exclusive auctions. Two thumbs up!

Benoit Lafleur Teacher

I've been dealing with Hazim for over a decade now and his knowledge and experience in the car industry is unmatched. He is extremely professional and working with him over the years has made buying and selling cars a worry-free process!

Tony Canola Director Officer

I've been partnering with Hazim for several years, and his grasp on the car business is genuinely impressive. He operates with utmost professionalism, making every car transaction feel effortless. It's been a game-changer having him in my corner

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